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Hot Winter Original




This sauce is made from the “Hot Winter” pepper, a unique cultivar of chili started from an off-type natural mutation of the Jimmy Nardello (Capiscum Annuum). The peppers are fermented and mixed with simple organic ingredients — rice and cider vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic. The sauce is fairly thick with bits of pepper seeds remaining. It takes on a bright red raspberry color. The fermented pepper along with the added vinegars create a fairly strong acidic flavor profile. It can be overwhelming with some food pairings. However, the one-of-a-kind flavor and vibrant natural color make this sauce out of Portland, Oregon worth checking out.

Ingredients: organic Hot Winter peppers, organic rice and cider vinegars, organic cane sugar, kosher salt, organic Hardneck garlic.

Recommended on: eggs, pizza, beans & rice.

From: Hot Winter Hot Sauce, Portland, Oregon, USA. https://www.hotwinterhotsauce.com

2019/05/03 @ 15:00